Pass Your Driver’s License Test With Confidence

You’ve taken your driver safety course, studied all of your road rules and road signs, and manned the wheel for nearly every super market outing with your parents. A lot of beginner drivers who are about to do their license test get very nervous about the road exam, thinking that it can be complex, not to mention being intimidated by the examiner. One solid way to overcome the anxieties of an exam is to have a strong understanding of the essential concepts that may present themselves more than once. Knowing what repetition to look for during your license test can help to instill confidence in a beginner. Using turn signals may be a single topic during your classroom experience, but once you have entered into the hands-on side of the exam, topics (such as turn signals) may begin to play a larger role than others due to their usefulness. This recognition of key points allows a beginner driver to have the confidence to succeed with their license test, finally making the brief nerves leading up the exam a fading memory of a long, but ultimately safe road ahead. Confidence is key, so lets see what you need to be confident.

Here are 10 of the most important precautions to take when entering your license test:

  1. Always signal at least a fifty yards into entering your turn.
  2. During the actual exam, be on the lookout for speed limit signs, stop signs, and other necessary postings. Do not roll through stop signs, yellow lights, and listen to your instructor. Stop means stop. The examiner may also suddenly call out Stop!. Do so immediately, as they can be checking your reaction time.
  3. For most beginner drivers, parallel parking can pose a major challenge. A great way to master the art of parallel parking is to practice in front of your house, or in an empty parking lot with cones. Also practice hill parking so that you can do this well. You will not be expected to do these things quickly in the test. The examiner will look out that you do it properly.
  4. When it comes to changing lanes, be sure to check your mirrors first for approaching vehicles.
  5. Do not allow the examiner to “trick you” into performing illegal maneuvers. Know and obey the law first, and the examiner second.
  6. Look out for pedestrians – they usually have the right away.
  7. When parking on the roadside, be sure to change your mirrors before driving off. Never move you vehicle without checking all of your mirrors.
  8. If you approach a stoplight, proceed with caution when the light turns from green to red. If you a turning left, turn toward the inside lane and move to the right (if the road is 2 lanes or more), but only after you check your mirrors and there is no oncoming traffic.
  9. Always be on the lookout for the unexpected.
  10. Keep your hands at the “nine and three” positions on the wheel.