Do you plan on traveling via automobile this holiday season? It should come as no surprise that Christmas is a very busy time to be on the road. Though there are definitely specific times of the year that traffic is at an all-time high, there are certain cities were traffic always seems to be an obstacle. Take a look at the following cities with particularly bad traffic:


Boston is known for its heavy traffic for several different reasons, including Interstate 93. In fact, three different stretches on Interstate 93 are recognized for being some of the most congested corridors in the nation.

Washington, D.C.

The average commute time to work in Washington, D.C. is 34.5 minutes. In fact, even though traffic congestion declined in 2012, the Washington area still offers some of the nation’s most congested regions in the United States.


Seattle is known for being one of the most congested areas in the nation and also offers some of the most congested individual roads, including nine-mile. Nine-mile is a southbound stretch of Interstate 5.

New York

New York, a state that hosts thousands and thousands of tourists each year, is known for having the highest population density of any metro area in America. When a poll was conducted, the average travel time to work took 35 minutes — even more than Washington, D.C. In fact, New York is responsible for four of the ten worst congested corridors in America.

Los Angeles

In a word, when it comes to traffic, Los Angeles is the worst. L.A. holds the title of the most congested metro area in the country. Specifically, an eight-mile stretch on Interstate 405 is the worst for delays due to heavy amounts of traffic.

Stay Safe in Traffic

Whether you’re traveling around the holidays or just driving back and forth to work, it’s important to stay alert. Sure, traffic can be quite tedious and a pain to drive in, but paying attention and staying focused at all times will help you avoid getting into an accident.