Did you know that, on average, everyone will fail the driving test at least once? It’s probably not surprising if you’ve taken one before. However, if you’ve still yet to take a driving test, here’s an idea to what usually causes people to fail.

Inability to Control the Vehicle

This includes the inability to stay in your lane, as well as the inability to maintain a constant speed. Note that if you frequently vary your speed dramatically, it can also be regarded as a sign of you not being able to take full control of your vehicle.

Need for Speed

When you see this word, the first thing that comes to your mind regarding a driving test is probably over-speeding, which is correct; however, what you probably didn’t know is that people frequently fail due to driving too slowly. Yes, driving under the speed limit by too much is also unacceptable. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is just staying between + or – 10 mph around the speed limit.

Driving an Unsafe Vehicle

This doesn’t just refer to salvage titled vehicles, but any vehicle that has an obvious malfunction, such as a broken taillight, missing side mirror, etc. DMV requires everyone to go take the exam with a perfectly working vehicle, so please do that by making sure there’s no malfunction of any kind on your car before you go.

Disregarding Traffic Laws

Some mistakes only get you warning, but some instantly get you failed; and this does exactly that. This category includes not stopping at a stop sign, racing through a yellow light, and not stopping at red lights.

Distracted Driving

Things such as texting, talking on phone, or even setting your GPS while driving is absolutely unacceptable, so please keep that in mind.

Refusal to Wear Seat Belts

As ridiculous as it sounds, there are actually people out there who refuse to wear seat belts while taking a driving test. Not surprisingly, this is also an instant fail.

Failing to Listen:

Don’t laugh, because this actually happens rather easily when you’re nervous during the exam. Most of the time, this can’t directly get you failed, as long as you don’t break any traffic law. Either way, RELAX — it’s just an exam.

Driving under the Influence

Yes, we are serious. People actually fail due to drunk driving. Though we assume that there’s no way you would do this, please do still make sure you do not drink any alcohol beforehand. This is not only dangerous for you and passengers in the car, but also pedestrians and other drivers you’re sharing the road with.

Are You Ready to Test?

Now that you’ve familiar with the list detailed above, please pay extra attention when taking your driving exam, but also whenever you’re driving. Good luck and stay safe!

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