Do you enjoy Christmas? Would you consider yourself to currently be in the Christmas spirit? Sure, you may have put up a tree and outside lights, but have you decorated your vehicle? If you’re looking for ways to compete with Clark Griswold, we’ve got you’ve covered. Take a look at some fun and popular car decorating tips!

Reindeer Ears

You may not have a sleigh for Rudolph to guide, but you have a car, right? You can purchase a set of reindeer ears and clip them to the driver side and passenger side of your vehicle. To get really festive, you can even place a small red ball on the front of your car. Now, Rudolph is ready for duty!

Christmas Wreaths

Easy, yet effective, you can hang a Christmas wreath on the front of your car. Conveniently enough, these wreaths come in all shapes and sizes. You should even be able to find ones that offer different colors and designs. However, if you really want to get creative, then consider making your very own wreath. If you design your own, then you can choose the colors and decorations — let the wreath say something about your personality.

Christmas Lights

Lights aren’t only for your home — you can now string Christmas lights around your vehicle. Your friends and family members will really know that you enjoy Christmas when they see your car literally wrapped in holiday cheer!

Add a Bow

Of course, this accessory works wonders if you are actually giving someone a new car for Christmas. However, adding a bow to the top of your vehicle can simply show that you overly enjoy the holiday season!

Safe Fun

Though you can and should have fun this holiday season with your vehicle, it’s still important to follow the law and be safe. Before you add any type of decoration or accessory to your vehicle, make sure it’s legal and added correctly to ensure safety. Happy Holidays!