As you already know, distracted driving can quickly cause an accident to take place. When you’re behind the wheel, it’s important to always pay attention — you are responsible for your actions. However, if you’re alert and ready for the unexpected (another driver to react a specific way), then there’s a greater chance you could avoid a wreck. Below, you’ll find different methods of distracted driving. Pay attention to the road and avoiding these types of distracted driving — you could save a life!


Distracted driving is believed to come in three different forms, the first being “cognitive.” This term is used when a driver’s mind isn’t completely focused on driving. Also referred to as being “mentally distracted,” there are different examples that depict this type of distraction. For example, a driver can be considered to be “mentally distracted” if he or she is talking to another passenger, preoccupied with family or personal issues, or listening to their favorite radio station too loudly.


This type of distraction takes place when a driver’s focus changes and he or she looks at anything other than the road ahead. There are several examples that could easily fall into this category, such as: checking on a child’s seat belt or using an electronic device in the car (i.e. GPS). If you take your eyes off of the road, even for a second, you stand the chance of causing an automobile accident to occur. If you feel as if the distraction can’t wait, then safely pull off the road.


A “manual” distraction takes place when a driver takes one or both hands away from the wheel for any given reason. Different reason a driver may remove his or her hands from the steering wheel could include the following: eating and driving, looking for something in a purse or wallet, or adjusting the vehicle’s GPS system.

Not mentioned above, though easily the most common example of distracted driving, is texting and driving. Texting and driving is the most dangerous type of distracted driving, because it falls into all three categories detailed above.

Stay Focused and Alert

When you’re driving, the road ahead of you should be your only focus. If you want to safely reach your destination, then it’s important to be aware of your actions, as well as the actions of other drivers. The road can be a dangerous place, but doesn’t always have to be. Stay focused and alert — doing so could prevent an accident from taking place.