Summer! My favorite time of the year! Winter has ice and snow and spring has flooding and high winds. Summer just has sun and fun. It doesn’t seem like much can go wrong, but summer driving can be very dangerous. Let’s take a look at some of the problems facing us as we head out for that much awaited summer vacation.

Driving in Sun and Heat

Definitely the obvious problem. As temperatures rage over 90 degrees. The hazards of heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke while driving become very real. Here are some tips to help prevent getting into trouble;

  • Drink lots of Non-Caffeinated and Non-Alcoholic liquids
  • Remove tight or unnecessary clothing
  • Eat light meals and choose foods high in water content
  • Know which medications can trigger dehydration
  • Drink water throughout the day

More Teenagers Driving

Schools out and so are the teen drivers. They are headed to the mall, the movies, the pool and even down your street. Teen drivers are more inexperienced and it is very important to stay alert and watch out for the novice driver. Please remember to be patient. All of us were new drivers at once.

Traffic and Congestion Creates Driving Hazards

There are just more people out on the road in the summer. Vacations and holidays bring us all out and about. Congestion can cause frustration and even lead to road rage. Also, keep in mind that when we travel, we aren’t as familiar with the roads. Bigger cities can be really difficult to navigate if you aren’t familiar with them.

Watch for Pedestrians while Driving

More people are walking, riding bicycles and motorcycles in the summer. Remember to share the road while driving in summer.