How mobile devices leave first time drivers vulnerable.

One of the largest growing distractions among first time drivers has become the use of mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle. A cell phone now provides music, communication, and entertainment through apps. When used properly most are considered very acceptable in the eyes of most drivers. When used improperly, these features can put a first time driver at risk every time they glance at the phone.

Most people alive today grew up around vehicles that provided music. What makes the previous generations use of music in the vehicle different is the simple nature of use that went behind operating the radio. A back and forward button, along with the volume knob on the driver panel was all there was! The Radio, 8-Track, Cassette, or CD player also had their degrees of attention disruption.But nothing like today. First time drivers of today now have devices that require a deeper level of attention in order to complete a task. Even the next button or volume adjustment is more complicated than earlier systems. Now there is screen unlock, app selection, volume adjustment, and full range of musical options. These are beneficial in their own right yet they create a lapse of driving attention. Now they are vulnerable to their environment. The more complex the mobile device task, the more dangerous that task is to driving. This is why texting has become such a huge problem with first time drivers.

Although young drivers may think communicating the world around them is of the highest importance, it is necessary for teens to understand the attention lapse that can come from this action. To show your teen the ramifications of texting on their attention, try our little experiment. While your teen is in the vehicle with you driving, ask them to start answering questions about the surrounding environment while they are communicating with friends in the vehicle with you. You both will be surprised at the inability of one to multi-task with a mobile device.