Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer in the State of Texas? As you know, there are a range of reasons as to why you could find yourself being stopped by a cop: speeding, texting while driving, running a red light, etc. To help ensure that the problem doesn’t go from bad to worse, there are a set of guidelines you can follow to show that you respect the policeman and are taking the matter seriously.

Helpful Tips

If you’re driving down the road and happen to see flashing lights in your rearview mirror, it’s important to stay calm and not overreact. Whether you believe you’ve done something wrong or not is moot — you’re being told by a police officer to pull over, so do so by following these helpful tips:

  1. Slow down, turn on your blinker, and puller over.
  2. You can turn off your engine, but make sure you stay in the vehicle — unless you’re told otherwise
  3. Follow all of the instructions that the cop gives to you. You will most likely have to hand over your driver’s license and proof of insurance papers.
  4. It’s important to move slowly (not abruptly) and to make sure that your hands are always visible. The last thing you want is for your actions to be misconstrued.
  5. Finally, the most important rule — be polite! It will do you no good to argue or be rude to the officer. Actually, you could potentially make matters worse by fighting the cop.

There are two possible outcomes: you will either be issued a ticket or you will get out of the situation with just a warning. If the latter happens — the warning — realize how lucky you are and vow to be more careful and mindful of traffic laws the next time you get behind the wheel. If you do receive a citation, you can either pay it or fight it by appearing in court. The decision is completely yours, but you will also be responsible for informing the court of how you’re going to precede.

Depending on the circumstances as to why you were pulled over, you may be able to enroll and participate in a defensive driving course to get the ticket dismissed. If your violation is rather serious, then you may find hiring a lawyer to assist you to be appropriate.

Always Drive with Care

Though mistakes do happen, it’s important to always drive with caution and care. If you’re constantly aware of your actions, you then stand a lesser chance of causing or being involved in an accident. Not to mention, receiving a traffic ticket can be expensive and damaging to your driving record.