How Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed Works

Parent taught drivers ed is a method that allows a parent or legal guardian to provide drivers training for their teen student. The student completes 32 hours of online classroom training. The parent or legal guardian, with the help of structured lesson printouts, provides in-car driving lessons.

The advantage of using parent taught is that it’s flexible. In a traditional driving school, the schedule is strict. Parents are responsible for getting their student to the course every day, which can be a challenge in a family where both parents work.

Parent taught driver education is a self-paced course. Students and parents can complete the course as their schedule permits. This makes it convenient for teens with active schedules in high school, and parents who work full time during the week.

How Texas parent taught drivers ed works

How Does Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed Work?

  1. Start by enrolling in our state approved Parent taught driver education (PTDE) course for Teens.
  2. Send DL-92 form to Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and receive TDLR parent taught packet.
  3. Complete the first six hours of the course.
  4. Take the DPS written exam.
  5. Receive Texas learners permit.
  6. Begin behind-the-wheel training with the designated parent instructor.
  7. Complete online and behind-the-wheel requirements of the course.
  8. Receive Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964).
  9. Apply for Texas provisional drivers license.

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