How to Obtain Your Texas Driver’s License

Obtaining a driver’s license is a necessity for those crossing into the territory of adulthood. Though your parents or loved ones are surely doing everything they can to help, we have compiled the necessary steps involved in getting your Texas Driver’s License.

After completing a Texas parent taught drivers ed course, being at least 16 years of age, or are new to the State of Texas, then the following steps can greatly benefit you.

  1. Visit the nearest Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). You should definitely do this in person, and not online. You will need to be sure to bring picture identification with you, such as a birth certificate or passport. Also be sure to bring along your Social Security card and show proof of the vehicle you are using to take the test, as well as proof of a current inspection and liability insurance.
  2. Take the required written test to show you are aware of the legalities of driving and what signs to obey. This course allows you to pass the written test, which will ultimately allow to ace the rest of your tests!
  3. Follow an additional requests from the person helping you once your testing has been completed. A state employee will check your vision, making sure it is safe for you to drive. They may also ask you for your fingerprint, as well as associated fees for this service.

We understand that this going through this process can often prove quite taxing, and is why we aim to streamline the process for you. Once you have taken a Texas drivers ed course, you should have no trouble acing the written skills test and driving test. If you follow these instructions, then simply relax, and utilize your training, and you will indefinitely master all of the requirements.