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Texas In-Car Drivers Ed Course

Behind The Wheel Drivers Ed Training


Complete In-Car (only) behind the wheel Texas drivers training course for Parents and Teens.


PTDE In-Car Teen Course
Printable Lesson Guides
Behind the Wheel Instruction Log
Behind the Wheel Practice Log
TDLR State Approved Course

In-Car Texas Drivers Ed Course

Students enrolled in a traditional Texas driver education school and complete the 32 hours of classroom or online training, can switch over to our parent taught (PTDE) behind the wheel course.

This in-car behind the wheel training course is approved by TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation). In Texas, drivers ed training for teens consists of two parts; the online or classroom instruction and the in-car behind the wheel driver training. This course is the behind the wheel training course of our Parent Taught Drivers Ed course for teens.

Behind The Wheel Driver Training

This course includes everything both teens and parents need to complete their in-car behind the wheel training requirements for their Texas learners permit and drivers license. The course includes the mandated 14 hours of parent taught driver instruction with printouts, driving logs for the 30 hours of practice and a complete guide for parents to cover each driving objective with their teen student.

The parent section has been designed to be short, yet informational. The parent (instructor) is provided with their own course that will explain the method of teaching and a review of the material for each of the 7 one-hour lessons. This brief yet informational review will prepare the instructor for the upcoming lesson. In this Texas in-car drivers ed course, you’ll find everything you need to succeed in your driving test in Texas. Our online education course is TDLR approved by the Texas DPS.

Texas PTDE Behind The Wheel Driver Training
Texas PTDE In-Car Drivers Ed Course

PTDE In-Car Driver Training

If you are enrolled in a driving school or are about to finish the online classroom requirement of your drivers ed training and want to to transfer to the parent taught method for in-car driver training instruction, this is the perfect course to enroll in. It is important to be sure you have completed the classroom or online instruction of your current course or school. Once completed, you can enroll in our State approved in-car course to complete the behind the wheel training requirements.

Many parents prefer the option of teaching their teen students how to drive. Additionally, there is a substantial cost-saving benefit to parent taught vs one-on-one driving lessons in a traditional driving school. Be a part of your teen’s driving success and enroll in our In-Car Behind the Wheel driver education course for Teens, today!