It’s time for the first lesson of IN-CAR TRAINING. I’m sure you are wondering, “Why did I decide to use Parent Taught Drivers Ed”. Don’t worry; thousands upon thousands of parents do it every day. It’s not nearly as bad as you are thinking. With the proper training and a little patience, you will have the first lesson in the bag and you will be back home in your chair watching your favorite program in no time.

So, first let me tell you, Eliza and I have trained four of our own kids. I know it is a little different because we designed and developed a driver education program, so it should have been a lot easier with us, and it probably was. Yet it was still a little scary for each of their first lessons, each child is different and you really need a different strategy for each child.

Location, Location, Location

First things first, let’s find the best place to conduct this memorable event. We chose, and we suggest you choose a place that is wide open, no parked vehicles and certainly no traffic. We found a large church parking lot and performed our training on an evening when there was nothing going on. A large mall parking lot is also an attractive site, as long as it is during the off hours.

Let’s Ease Them In

We like to ease them into the first lesson. Many of the things you will do, won’t involve movement of the vehicle. These things are vitally important and we believe your young driver needs to know and be able to verbalize them to you. They won’t think these things are important but we know better, right parents.

Now it’s time to Instruct, Are you Ready!!!!

  1. Perform the Pre and Post Driving Procedures – Okay, here we go, have the student move to the driver seat and start having them go over the Pre and Post Driving Procedures. They have already learned these in the online lessons, now it is time for them to show you their knowledge and understanding.
  2. Vehicle Symbols – We veterans think this is easy. It’s not. Make sure they know each symbol, what it means and what it do.
  3. Occupant Protection – Maybe the most important thing during this exercise. Seat belts are important, make sure they know that, and make sure this is second nature.
  4. Vehicle Control Devices – Again, as an experienced driver, you know exactly what the brake and accelerator is and does. These first time drivers, they don’t know how it all works. Take time, be patient and teach them what every control device does. Believe me, it will be worth it.
  5. Basic Driving Maneuvers – Now is the time we’ve all been waiting for, the movement of the vehicle. Start out simple. Encourage. Be patient. Remember how hard it may have been for you.

Well, it’s over. Hopefully you all lived through it. Now, go to your chair, turn on your favorite TV show and be glad your next lesson isn’t for 3 more days.

That’s right, the second In-Car Lesson is in three days. Catch our next week blog on City Driving Part 1. Can’t Wait!!!!