If you are a teen driver, then there is one highway in the State of Texas you should be particularly concerned with traveling on. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, Interstate 45 in Harris County is the most dangerous road to drive for new drivers.

A study done a few years back (between 2006 and 2010) showed that I-45 recorded the most accidents involving teen drivers, between the ages of 15 and 19. During this time period, there were 3,091 crashes involving teenage drivers.

However, Interstate 45 isn’t the only road teen driver’s need to be cautious of when driving. Interstate 10 (also located in Harris County) came in second to Interstate 45, with 1,910 crashes involving teen drivers reported. Other highways in the State of Texas that have been proven to be dangerous for new drivers, include: Highway 59, FM 1960, and the 610 Loop.

There is one common factor that is believed to cause a large portion of accidents in the State of Texas — drinking and driving. In fact, students in Katy County have worked with the Houston Police Department, the Houston Galveston Area Council, and Texas Pictures to produce and to show the documentary, “Chronicles of a Teen Killer.” This 30 minute video has been posted on YouTube, with the agenda of scaring teen drivers away from drinking and driving.

It’s commonly known that the leading cause of death for teens is automobile accidents. Just in the United States alone each year, more than 4,000 teenagers die in car crashes. These fatalities usually take place throughout the months of summer — Memorial Day to Labor Day. With the month of May quickly approaching, it’s important to practice safe driving techniques and be cautious of your actions when traveling.

Though teen drivers are known for causing accidents and driving recklessly, they’re not the only demographic that are involved in crashes. Drivers of all ages can and do make mistakes, which often lead to injuries and fatalities. Therefore, no matter what your age is or what road you’re traveling on, always be alert and ready for anything.