How does online compare to commercial classroom?

The first and most obvious thing that would come to most people’s mind is how involved must a parent be in their child’s drivers ed process. The idea of a commercial driving school is to allow a professional to take on the responsibilities of providing your child what is needed to be a safe driver. What most parents in Texas don’t know is that the majority of the driving, no matter the method, must still be carried out by the student’s primary guardian. This means that out of the 44 hours of driving expected from the student, 30 of those hours are still being administered by, most likely, the parent. The myth that commercial drivers ed classrooms are all encompassing, removing the parent from responsibility over their student’s driving experience are just that, a myth. Online drivers ed, whether it be parent-taught or commercial, provides the parent an ability to achieve the same peace of mind in professionals to the same extent achieved through the commercial classroom route alone. The introduction of hybrid online commercial schools has also helped to bridge the gap created by these two different sectors of the same industry.

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