How long does it take?

This question can be answered in two ways:

  1. Technical answer:
    1. 6 Hours of classroom are required to receive the permit.
    2. 26 Hours of post-permit classroom to receive the completion certificate.
    3. 14 Hours of Behind-The-Wheel training.
    4. 30 Hours of experience driving (10 of which are at night).
    5. There are 76 total hours that must be completed to receive the texas drivers license.
    6. The state of Texas limits all hours above to 2 hours a day.

This means that the technical answer to this question is 38 days.

  1. However, the reality is that many students and parents tend to have other life priorities take precedence. The main reason someone takes online drivers ed is to create flexibility in order to keep driver education from running their schedule. That’s just part of it, life happens. So here is what you really need to know.
    1. It takes 3 days minimum to complete enough of the course to be eligible for the learner’s permit.
    2. The permit must be held for at least 6 months and until the student is 16 years old.

This means that all students must wait at least 6 months before they can even receive their drivers license. There are 35 days of curriculum to spread throughout that 6-12 month(s) in whatever schedule fits your needs.


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