What is my role as the online parent-taught driving instructor?

If you have chosen to do online parent taught for your drivers ed, then your role is very simple. The online course that you have chosen should, if a quality course, take you and your student through the 32 hours of classroom, leaving your role as the parent to merely monitor and sign off that your student has completed all of the course requirements. From this point, you will be tasked with the role of in-car instructor. The in-car instructor has the job of teaching the student 7 hours of In-Car lessons, 7 hours of Behind-The-Wheel training, and an additional 30 hours of experience driving, of which 10 hours will be done at nighttime. Again, if you have purchased a quality course, then this process should already be structured for you, just follow your course prompts. Completion of the course brings you to the final stage. You and your student will head off to the Texas DPS office with the forms provided to you through your course. Once you have signed off on the student’s paperwork and turned them in through the proper channels, your role as the parent-taught instructor is complete. You will wait at the DPS while your student takes their final driving test to receive their license.

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