Learning how to drive is nerve-racking for some exciting for others. Whether you have trepidations or are anxious to get started, driving is a huge responsibility. For this reason, earning your driving privileges is a huge step in becoming independent – it only grants you freedom but it demonstrates that you are willing and able to take on responsibilities.

When you begin the driving process, it is essential that you choose a driving instructor that is right for you. Everyone has a different method of learning – while some excel with instructors that are direct and blunt, other might desire a more calm and laid-back driving instructor. Before you get into your car and learn to drive, you have to really analyze what kind of instructor you want. What kind of qualities are you looking for in a driving instructor? You should ask yourself this question before you get into the car with a family member – as you might be surprised when they yell at you! Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing a driving instructor.


Choose Someone Who Is Willing to Teach You

If you choose someone solely because that person has a driver’s license and is allowed by the states to teach you, that doesn’t necessary mean he or she is thrilled to do so. Find someone that is happy to teach you and who doesn’t feel pressured to do so. Take your time to find someone who would be more than happy to teach you.


Choose Someone You Trust
This goes back to the first point – find someone who you trust. If you have never seen this person drive (is the instructor friend of a friend who has said that they are willing to teach you) it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Find someone that you feel comfortable around and who you know will be understanding of your lack of experience.


Choose Someone Who Can Remain Calm
Most people don’t thrive under pressure, especially with someone yelling at them for every mistake they make. When learning how to drive, it is essential that you find an instructor that will keep his or her cool when you make a mistake. Mistakes will happen and you need someone who will keep a level-head so that you may learn from those mistakes. If you are nervous about driving, choose someone that will keep calm under pressure.


Choose Someone Who Has Experience
Learning how to drive is a huge step for any individual; choosing the right instructor is an integral step in the process and can make the difference between forming safe habits and becoming a reckless driver. Choose an instructor that has a couple of years’ worth of experience.


Happy choosing!