You always hear about strange and obscure laws from states that are “two doors” down; those infamous laws that have somehow survived on the books for decades even though they have no relevance. But you think to yourself, “Well, at least Texas doesn’t have weird driving laws.” You would be wrong my good sir! The truth is, if you look deep enough into the catacombs of Texas driving laws, you’d find some real conversation starters. Most of these laws seem old-fashioned and dumb, and most aren’t enforced, but they nonetheless provide for a good chat over a nice beverage. Though, not over a beer while standing up, especially if taking three sips at a time – that’s illegal in Texas!

Here are the Top Three Oddest Driving Laws in Texas:

  • Odd Texas Driving Law #1: When a driver is cited with a DUI, he or she, as well as the rest of his car, loses their license.

And let the heated conversation begin. I can just sense your perplexed facial expressions while reading that law. But it’s simple. Lesson of the Day: Don’t drive drunk. Not only will you lose your license, but your car will too!

  • Odd Texas Driving Law #2: It is illegal to drive without windshield wipers; however, you are allowed not to have a windshield[2].

Well I hope those are some very fast wipers! I’m saying superhero-blocks-all-bugs-while-going-down-the-highway fast.

  • Odd Texas Driving Law #3: In Galveston, Texas it is illegal to drive your car down Broadway before noon on Sundays.[3]

At least you can commend the lawmakers of Galveston, Texas for being specific. Perhaps they’re too specific, though?

While some of these laws sound ridiculous and odd, one thing is prevalent—someone needs to hire a new law writer. There are plenty more driving laws in the State of Texas that boggle the mind, but it’s clear that some of them probably need to be eliminated or further clarified. These examples are just a few of the oddballs; there are more where those came from!