What causes a person to choose one vehicle over another? Well, there are most likely a ton of features or specifics that cause an individual to pick and purchase a car on the lot. One of these features is most likely the color of the vehicle. Sure, price and other capabilities will factor into the situation as well, but car color is important and sometimes the first characteristic noticed. That being said, what are some popular car colors?

It’s that Black and White

Surprisingly enough, we may live in a world full of color, but when it comes to choosing a vehicle, drivers seem to like the basics: black and white. While white has been the most popular color chosen for the past few years, black often comes in at a close second. The remaining colors that often round out the top five include the following: silver, gray, and red.

In fact, white has been a top choice of car color since about 1998. Though silver held its own between 2001 and 2006, white was quickly the color found back on top. Interestingly enough, black and white colors are rather popular in luxury vehicles.

It should be noted that electronics have even had a large impact on car colors throughout the years. For example, when silver was the choice color for cell phones, computers, and home entertainment centers, it then seemed that more and more people wanted to purchase a silver car.

Of course, as soon as Apple started producing white products (i.e. iBooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPods, etc.), then more and more people want to purchase a vehicle that was white.

What Does Car Color Mean to You?

When shopping for a new car, does color influence your choice? To some, color is quite important and even a determining factor when it comes to picking a vehicle. What does car color mean to you? Also, if you choose a car based on color, then what do you think your favorite color says about you? Happy car shopping and stay safe!