In the State of Texas, as with nearly every state, teenagers are subject to graduating driving privileges, meaning that as they age, they are granted greater driving freedom and subject to fewer driving restrictions. If you are a teen living in the State of Texas, having an understanding of teenage driving laws is vital – otherwise, you could find yourself being cited or losing your provisional license! Read more below:

Texas Drivers License for Teens

Minors in the State of Texas can acquire three separate types of license, each granted different driving privileges. These license types are:

Learner License

If you are at least 15 years of age, have completed the required driver education classroom training, and meet all other licensing requirements, you can apply for a learner license. With this license, you will be able to drive while supervised by a licensed individual 21 years of age or older so that you can gain invaluable experience behind the wheel. With this learner license, you can practice and gain the experience necessary to obtain your provisional license. A learner license expires on the applicant’s 18th birthday party.

Minor Restricted Driver License (MRDL)

Also known as a “hardship license,” an MRDL is good for one year (it expires on the applicant’s next birthday), and applies to individuals who qualify based on specific criteria. Typically, qualified individuals are at least 15 years of age, meet standard licensing and driver education requirements, and demonstrate a need to drive based on some sort of hardship or qualifying factor. With a minor restricted driver license, minors can drive to and from school, or to and from a place of employment. If you believe that you qualify for a Texas MRDL, inquire about teenage driving laws at your local DPS office to learn more.

Provisional License

A provisional license applies to all minors, and expires on the applicant’s 18th birthday. With a provisional license, individuals no longer require adult supervision. However, they are still subject to curfews and passenger limitations. If you are the holder of a provisional Texas drivers license, you cannot:

  • Drive between midnight and 5AM, except in the case of an emergency or for school-related activities
  • Cannot carry more than one passenger under the age of 21, and cannot carry a minor passenger who is not an immediate family member
  • May not drive while operating or using a cellphone or wireless device

Adhering to these Texas teenage driving laws will ensure that you maintain a good driving record – and will help ensure your safety as well.

Drive Safely and Legally

You may be encouraged by your friends to break these laws, but don’t! The risk simply isn’t worth it. If you are being pressured to drive during curfew hours or take a group of friends out in your car, just say “no.” It’s that simple. Be safe!

Taking Texas Adult Drivers Ed

If you have never been licensed and are a Texas resident under 24 years of age, you will be required to complete an adult drivers ed course before you can apply for your driver's license.

If you are an adult between the ages of 18 and 24 years of age, you have two options:

  • Adult Driver Education Course
  • Traditional Driver Education Course

The traditional driver education course is required for minors. It includes extensive behind-the-wheel and classroom training, so that minors can learn the fundamentals of operating a motor vehicle and driving safely and legally on the road. However, adults are not required to complete the traditional education course. If you are in the process of getting your license, you have the option of taking an adult driver education course, though it must be approved by the State of Texas.

At Virtual Drive, we offer just such a course.

Texas Adult Driver Education Online

If you are 18-24 years of age, we recommend that you take an online Texas adult driver education course. A traditional driver education course involves 32 hours of classroom instruction; by comparison, a TAE (Texas Education Agency)-approved online driver education course can be completed in just six hours. The benefits are clear. If you are looking for a program that is convenient, easy to take, satisfies the state's classroom requirements, and can be completed quickly, an online driver education course is for you.

When it comes to options, you have many. In fact, we offer an online Texas adult driver education course at Virtual Drive – and though we may be biased, we believe that it's one of the best on the market. Our course has been designed with your needs in mind. We have created the course to be as convenient and easy as possible to complete, and we are confident you'll appreciate our approach. And unlike many other driver education courses, our courses can be validated online. Some classes require you validate the course in person at a UPS store or via a notary public. Not so with Virtual Drive.

Choosing the Right Drivers Ed Course

If you are seeking behind-the-wheel training and a week-long, in-class course, then the online Texas adult driver education course may not be for you. However, if you are interesting in satisfying the state's requirements in a quick and easy manner, do not require behind-the-wheel training, and would like to complete your training from home, we strongly encourage you to consider our online class. We know that you have many options when it comes to choosing a TEA-approved Texas adult driver education course, but we think that you'll find ours to be the best

If you’ve lost your Texas learners permit, had it stolen, or accidentally destroyed it or damaged it beyond repair, we can give you the information you need to replace it. In fact, there’s no need to worry – replacing a lost learner’s permit is quick and easy if you know what’s required of you. Do you?

If not, let us help you replace your learners permit! Applying for a learner’s permit replacement (or duplicate) is easy. So stop worrying and start acting! See the steps below to get started – you’ll have your replacement before you know it!

Replacing Your Texas Learners Permit

You can replace your lost Texas learners permit in just a few simple steps. Follow the guidelines outlined below to complete your duplicate learner’s permit application:

  • Visit a Texas DPS driver license office
  • Bring a completed permit replacement application (available online as a PDF document)
  • Pay the required replacement fee of $11 (your permit expiration date will not be updated)
  • Provide proof of identity (valid passports are accepted or you can submit a birth certificate along with a social security card and W-2 or 1099 form)
  • Confirm personal information

If you’re not a U.S. citizen but are a lawful resident, you can apply for a permit duplicate as well. When you visit the DPS office, bring proof of lawful presence in the United States. Accepted lawful presence documents include U.S. resident passports (these differ from citizen passports), permanent resident cards, foreign passports with appropriate immigration visas, and accepted refugee travel documents.

Replace Your Permit Today!

What are you waiting for? You have all of the information that you need to replace your Texas learners permit – so get started! Simply download the application online, fill it out, and bring it in to your nearest Texas DPS driver license office.

Free Drivers Education

If someone has told you that you can find free Texas Drivers Ed classes online, we’re afraid to inform you that you have been misled. Driver’s education is extremely important, after all; it not only demonstrates to the state your commitment and willingness to take on the responsibilities of being licensed, it also is an invaluable teaching tool. Completing a driver’s education program will help you learn the rules of the road, appreciate the dangers of driving, and prepare you to drive safely so that you can protect yourself and those around you. For these reasons and more, driver’s education courses must be state-approved and comprehensive. Put simply, there’s no such thing as free driver’s ed – at least not when it comes to courses that are recognized in Texas!

We encourage you to explore your options if you are currently in the process of obtaining your driver’s license or learner’s permit. In the State of Texas, there are:

We even offer state-approved defensive driving courses that can help you prepare for and react to dangers on the road. We have your needs met at Virtual Drive, and are committed to helping you become a safe, licensed driver.

EFFECTIVE Driver’s Education

The most important aspect of any driver’s education program is not its cost but how effective it is as a teaching tool. Our teen and adult driver’s education classes are approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety, can be completed entirely online for your convenience, and are highly effective. Covering a range of different topics, including Texas road rules, state driving regulations, identification of road signs and traffic signals, and other related subjects, our driver’s ed program contains everything that you need to become a safe, informed, and responsible driver.

Our online driver’s education program consists of multiple sections, each covering a different topic. To ensure that you have retained the vital information from each, we will test you at the conclusion of every section. These knowledge checks are not there to make our courses more difficult; rather, they have been put in for your benefit. If you reach this section of the program and find that you have not retained the info you need, you can easily go back and study the necessary information. After all, our goal at Virtual Drive is to make you a safe, confident driver, and our driver’s ed program has been designed to help ensure just this!

AFFORDABLE Driver’s Education

We may not be able to offer you FREE driver’s education classes at Virtual Drive, but we can offer you affordable driver’s education. We offer bundle packages that can help you save money, and we provide financial assistance as well. If you suffer from financial hardship or are simply seeking a solution that is easier on the wallet, take advantage of one of these offers:

  • Two-payment Plan – As described, our two-pay method allows you to pay for your course in two installments. Your first payment will be made at the time of registration, with the second payment coming 30 days later.
  • Multiple-student Discount – Are you enrolling more than one child into our online driver’s education program? If so, we’d love to give you a discount! To learn more, call us!
  • Financial Hardship Assistance – If you suffer from financial hardship, we can help. If you currently qualify for state or federal financial assistance, then you can qualify for our reduced course rates as well. Safety is important to us, and we do not believe that disadvantaged students should be denied the tools they need to drive safely and confidently. To learn more, call us today!

If you have any questions about our financial assistance options, we encourage you to contact us! We would be happy to answer them.

Parent Taught Drivers Education – The Student

If you are a minor living in the State of Texas, you will have to complete a driver education course before you can apply for your license or permit. One of the most popular options – there are three different options to choose from to satisfy this requirement – is parent-taught driver's education. This option allows a parent, grandparent, step-parent or -grandparent, or legal guardian to teach the state-mandated driver's education course. Many teens find this option appealing, for obvious reasons, but you should consider your options before making any decision. Additionally, you must have an eligible adult who is willing to teach the course before you can begin.

You can begin the classroom or instructional portion of your driver's education course when you are 14 years of age. There are three types of driver education programs to choose from in Texas:

  • Driver Training School
  • Parent-taught Driver Education
  • Public School

Each option is slightly different. For example, the standard driver training course and parent-taught driver education course each include 32 hours of classroom instruction, while public school courses can range in length from 32-56 hours. Additionally, while many driver training classes include behind-the-wheel training, parent-taught courses typically do not, as this requirement is satisfied by a parent or guardian.

The benefits of parent-taught driver's education in the State of Texas are many, however. You can study for your license or permit at your own convenience, from the comfort of your own home. You can also take the final exam as many times as is necessary to pass, as the course is being taught at home – not in a classroom. Taking a Texas-approved, parent-taught driver education course all but guarantees your success.

There are a number of different packages that you can choose from, including the official state packet. However, we recommend that you choose our parent taught drivers ed course. It is convenient, easy, and designed to suit your needs.

Parent Taught Drivers Education – The Teacher

If you are a parent or guardian of a teenager currently in the process of earning his or her permit or driver's license, you can help. It may be possible for you to teach a parent-taught driver's education course to satisfy the Driver's Ed requirements mandated by the State of Texas. However, you must meet certain criteria before you can teach the course. These include:

  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • Have a minimum of three years' experience
  • No suspensions or revocations on license record for past three years
  • Must have less than six points on license record
  • No DUI/DWI/criminally negligent homicide convictions on record
  • Are not mentally disabled

The results of the parent-taught driver's education course can be nullified if it's found that any of the above requirements are not met, so it's important to confirm that you are able to teach the course before beginning the process. If you do meet the requirements, this can be a tremendously beneficial option for you and your child.

If you are interested in a Texas parent-taught driver's education course, get started today. You can order the state packet by filling out a DL-92 form or take advantage of our state-approved parent-taught driver's education course (course #107)!