Is Driver Education Free?

If someone has told you that you can find free parent taught driving course classes online, we’re afraid to inform you that you have been misled. Driver’s education is extremely important, after all; it not only demonstrates to the state your commitment and willingness to take on the responsibilities of being licensed, it also is an invaluable teaching tool. Completing a driver’s education program will help you learn the rules of the road, appreciate the dangers of driving, and prepare you to drive safely so that you can protect yourself and those around you. For these reasons and more, driver’s education courses must be state-approved and comprehensive. Put simply, there’s no such thing as free driver’s ed – at least not when it comes to courses that are recognized in Texas!

EFFECTIVE Parent Taught Drivers Ed

The most important aspect of any drivers education program is not its cost but how effective it is as a teaching tool. Our teen and adult driver’s education classes are approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety, can be completed entirely online for your convenience, and are highly effective. Covering a range of different topics, including Texas road rules, state driving regulations, identification of road signs and traffic signals, and other related subjects, our driver’s ed program contains everything that you need to become a safe, informed, and responsible driver.

Our online driver’s education program consists of multiple sections, each covering a different topic. To ensure that you have retained the vital information from each, we will test you at the conclusion of every section. These knowledge checks are not there to make our courses more difficult; rather, they have been put in for your benefit. If you reach this section of the program and find that you have not retained the info you need, you can easily go back and study the necessary information. After all, our goal at Virtual Drive is to make you a safe, confident driver, and our driver’s ed program has been designed to help ensure just this!

AFFORDABLE Parent Taught Driver Education

We may not be able to offer you FREE drivers education classes at Virtual Drive, but we do offer an affordable Texas driver education course. We offer bundle packages that can help you save money, and we provide financial assistance as well. If you suffer from financial hardship or are simply seeking a solution that is easier on the wallet, take advantage of one of these offers:

  • Multiple-student Discount – Are you enrolling more than one child into our online driver’s education program? If so, we’d love to give you a discount! To learn more, call us!
  • Financial Hardship Assistance – If you suffer from financial hardship, we can help. If you currently qualify for state or federal financial assistance, then you can qualify for our reduced course rates as well. Safety is important to us, and we do not believe that disadvantaged students should be denied the tools they need to drive safely and confidently. To learn more, call us today!

If you have any questions about our financial assistance options, we encourage you to contact us! We would be happy to answer them.

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