It’s not instinctive to know how to drive. Not only do you need to be well-versed in the rules of the road, you need to know how to operate your vehicle safely to ensure your safety and that of other drivers. That’s why driver training is a crucial step in preparing first-time drivers to safely get behind the wheel. While classroom instruction in a key component in learning the basics, nothing will prepare you better than actual hands-on experience!

Approved Driving Schools in Texas - Requirements

Texas requires that you complete at least seven hours of behind-the-wheel training and seven hours of in-the-car instruction (observing, not driving) from an approved Texas driving school. To fulfill this requirement, you need to be at least 15 years of age and enrolled in a formal Texas-approved driver education program (though the drivers education course can be taught by a parent or guardian).

In fact, as the #1 provider of online Texas driver's education programs, we offer state approved adult driver education, parent taught driver education, and in-car driver education courses. Most importantly, we use a technique of learning that has been proven to be superior to conventional classroom training.

Safer Drivers Make Better Drivers

While the driver education course is designed to educate you on the rules of the road, the responsibilities of being licensed, and how to safely abide by traffic laws and interact with other motorists, your behind-the-wheel training is intended to teach you how to safely operate a motor vehicle. During the course of this program, you’ll need to learn some of the following basics for safe driving:

  • Learn how to do a basic safety check – This includes checking around your vehicle for anything out of place – such as cables dragging on the ground, or mysterious pools of fluid underneath the car.
  • Adjust your mirrors so you can see other cars on the road – You’ll also want to learn of any blind spots your vehicle presents.
  • Make safe lane changes – Always check your mirrors and your blind spots!
  • The dimensions of your vehicle – Hopefully you’ll master this in theory and not simply by bumping into things!
  • Learn to accelerate and come to a stop smoothly – The surest sign of a new driver is a car that's lurching forward and screeching to a stop.
  • How to stay on the defensive and watch out for other cars – You may be a safe driver, but we’ve all experienced a few maniac drivers! So stay alert.

While Texas has mandated that 14 hours of in-car training is enough, by no means is this enough time for someone to become a driving master. The best thing you can do is simply practice, practice, practice. Supplementary to this is watching how others drive and observe driver-to-driver interactions. Above all, make it a habit to be well aware of all everything around you and not just the car in front of you – situational awareness is vital!

Helpful Tips for New Drivers

To help you navigate your first year or so on the road, we’ve written down a few helpful tips for all you new drivers. We hope they’ll guide you to becoming the best driver you can be!

  • Your cell phone can wait! – You won't realize you're going too slow and swerving all over the place until you cause an accident. This goes for applying makeup too!
  • Don’t try to eat large or messy foods while driving – That mustard that dripped on your shirt could draw your attention away from slowing down for that driver in front of you who’s suddenly stopped.
  • WEAR YOUR SEATBELT! – This should be drilled into everyone’s head by now, but we thought it’d be best to reiterate just how important it is.
  • Stay alert for less experienced or impaired drivers (and report such things to a local authority).
  • Obey speed limits! – By doing so, you’ll give yourself enough time to react in case of an unexpected obstacle. Plus you’ll be surprised how quick you’ll get to your destination (speeding often gives short-term gains and nothing more) and your MPG will fair much better!
  • Listen to your stereo at a reasonable volume! – Not only so that you can hear approaching sirens, but also so that you can better concentrate on the task at hand. Believe us, you will be given the stink eye if you don’t move over for emergency vehicles!
  • NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE! – Be smart and remember that you can buy hundreds of cab rides for the cost of a single DUI ticket.

Follow these simple steps and you'll be off to a running start! A traffic ticket can ruin your whole month, but a car crash can ruin your whole year! Is it really worth taking unnecessary risks? Enroll in one of our Texas approved driving schools today and get started!