We all love movies, right? Well, one major component of movies is often the stars of the film. After all, you need a character in the movie for audiences to root for, and in some cases, root against. It’s interesting to learn that, depending on the movie, that sometimes the star of the film isn’t really a person, but the car that a character drives. Sure, we’ve blogged about this topic before, but there are so many great cars we weren’t able to list the first time around that we decided to put together another list of famous cars from films — take a look:

The Mystery Machine – Scooby-Doo

Without this iconic van, how else would have Shaggy, Scooby, and the rest of the gang gotten around town to solve mysteries?

1962 Volkswagen Beetle — The Love Bug

This film was remade numerous times, but the famous car and real star of the project can be seen in each version.

Batmobile — Batman

If you’re a Batman fan, then you know that Batman would be in serious trouble without the help of the Batmobile. Whether you enjoyed watching the television show, the Michael Keaton version, or Christopher Nolan’s newest trilogy, you’ll be sure to spot a Batmobile in each one!

1975 Ford Gran Torino — Starsky and Hutch

Depending on your age and the era in which you grew up, you may know this famous car from the classic TV show or the hit movie starring Ben Stiller.

1976 AMC Pacer — Wayne’s World

This famous blue car didn’t just appear in the first film, but the sequel as well.

1984 Customized Ford Econoline — Dumb and Dumber

With the sequel recently coming out, how could we not include this class vehicle? Who else remembers the giant sheep dog that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels drove across country?

What’s Your Favorite?

Did we miss your favorite car? Of course, there are tons of vehicles that have starred in hundreds of classic films and TV shows throughout the years — let us know which your favorite is!