How to Help Your Teen Practice Driving

how to help your teen practice drivingDriving lessons are costly and it takes a considerable amount of time to teach your teen safe driving skills. When it comes to driving, as you may know, figuring out how to control a vehicle takes a lot of practice. Teaching your teen how to drive eliminates the measure of lessons you need to pay for and can enable them to breeze through the driving test sooner.

Here are some steps on how to help your teen practice driving and to be prepared for their driving test in the future:

  • Have an agenda on what you would like to teach your teen, such as left turns and breaking.
  • Have them adjust the mirrors before starting the vehicle.
  • Limit the driving lesson to 15 to 20 minutes.
  • While they are driving, make sure that their driving experience is positive and not overly tense.
  • If they make a mistake while driving, have your teen pull over, explain the driving mistake and how it can be prevented.
  • After the driving lesson, go over their driving experience and how they can improve.
  • Have your teen ask questions on how they drove and how they can improve


We do hope that these steps will help you and your teen during your parent-taught drivers education and to assist them in gaining the knowledge to pass their driving tests. For more information on Parent Taught Driving Ed, click here.