What can I say; my daughter passed both the written and practical tests with no problem. She wasn’t even stressed about it. I recommended your course to another parent while at a tire shop three days ago. Her daughter is getting ready to learn and the parent wanted my opinion; I said it was an excellent program that requires dedication by both the parent and student. I think that is what makes it a success; both have to be actively involved for the program to work.

Good job!

My daughter, Eden, and I did use Virtual Drive as the parent taught driver’s ed program. She passed both the written exam the the driving exam on the first attempts so the material provided helped us reach the intended goal. The certificate needed for the written exam arrived as expected and we were pleased with the quick receipt. We also had access to all documents needed at the DMV and were not required to make any additional trips for incomplete items.

However, we were both appalled at the poor writing, grammatical errors, and partial sentences continually used in the presentations and testing online. We often would do a segment and then laugh for hours about the ridiculous errors present. My husband suggested that I offer to submit corrections in return for a refund on the program. I told him that there were so many that it would not be worth my time (vs. the cost of the program) to go through each page – it wasn’t just one error here and there, it was rampant.

We were also shocked that you would use a photo of a Muslim woman in a burqa to illustrate the need to drive with your eyes.

I can’t speak to how Virtual Drive compares to other programs as we only have one child and VD was the program we purchased and completed. I am happy to read that you are embarking on an attempt to update the website. The content of the program is acceptable; the presentation and writing needs significant improvement. We wish you continued success.

Cresta Livingston

Thanks for the opportunity to give input. I’ve purchase your program for 3 of my children because it fit our schedule, was straight forward, easy to comprehend, and had plenty of helps for the parents.

It looks like this version is a bit different from the last 2 I purchased. We didn’t find it as user friendly as before….unless my memory is off….which is a great possibility.

My daughter needed to call the 1-800 number a couple of times to get help, and on 2 of the occasions she spoke with a young lady that was somewhat rude to her. Rather condescending, and the next time my daughter had a question, she refused to call to get help because she was afraid “that lady” might be the one she had to talk to.

Overall, our family has been very satisfied with your product and I do tell others, especially homeschool families, about it.

Keep up the good work!

Susie Hallstrom

I have three sons that have used the product for every step of the way to successfully receive their drivers license the first time. I appreciated the friendly service anytime I needed it. This process was exactly that “A Process”. I recently spoke to a lady that works at our local DPS office and told her how much detail goes into students acquiring their license now-a-day. It’s not like it was 30 years ago. Parents and instructors have to be very hands on. My boys would tell me their friends would say that it does not cost anything for paperwork or course work for parent taught. So I asked this to the DPS lady, and she said no, you have to have a certificate. So I was very glad that I had required my boys to use the Virtual Drive program.

I loved your course! It was very helpful, more than willing to recommend this to other’s in need of defensive driving or getting thier license!!!

Thank you