I have twin 15 year olds currently taking your course. They should finish in January. So far so good. Your telephone support has been excellent when needed.

Virtual Drive allowed us the flexibility to take the classes online. Taking classes through Virtual Drive allowed Steven to keep up with his school work and golf schedule. He got superior online training. Virtual Drive walks both student and student teacher through the process step by step. I was able to provide him the one on one behind the wheel training. Steven passed both the written test for his permit and the driving test the first time.

Passing our test couldn’t have been easier. Thanks Virtual Drive!

Kevin, both my daughter’s have taken your excellent driving course four years apart, and they have successfully passes their license exam. And knock on wood, neither one has had any driving incidents yet. I always recommend your course to friends. Keep up the good work, and happy holiday. Regards. Nicholas Gamboa

We are very happy with your virtual driving course and have purchased it twice now! Once for my daughter and this time for my son. It’s easy for the kids to understand and incredibly easy for the parents who want to do the parent taught driving portion, but don’t want to deal with the classroom section themselves. Customer service was great as well. I had to call once to ask a question and was helped immediately. Even though it’s a virtual course, it feels much more personal.
Thank you!