Now at your local DPS, you may not have to wait in line nearly as long as you used to. This is due to the fact that residents can now reserve a place in line at the office online.

The service, titled “Get in Line Online,” is now available to Texas residents that are applying for their first driver’s license, renewing a license, changing your name, or taken a written driving test. Applicants can also change their place in line if they are running late as well.

Though one may believe that the department would like to deal with people directly, the Texas Department of Public Safety is encouraging residents to renew their licenses online.

Licenses 12 years old or older must be renewed in person due to the fact that a new photo and eyesight test may be examined. If a license is within a year of expiring, it may also be renewed online.

Several office numbers have been changed, except the driver’s license office, which is 806-472-2800. The new numbers are as follows:

  • Highway patrol and crash reports — 806-740-8995
  • Criminal investigations division — 806-740-8736
  • Texas Rangers — 806-740-8975
  • Commercial vehicle enforcement — 806-740-8938
  • Compliance enforcement — 806-740-8782
  • Communications — 806-740-8770
  • Crime lab — 806-740-8900
  • Emergency management — 806-740-8982
  • Recruiting — 806-740-8894
  • Victim services — 806-740-8897
  • Main number — 806-740-8700

Here at Virtual Drive of Texas, we understand that waiting at the DPS is one of the last things that you would like to do. This online service seems like a great asset to renewing or obtaining a new license. All renewal fees will remain the same as the have always been, but the service will not cost users a penny! If you are looking to renew your license in the State of Texas, then visit the DPS site now!