Texas Drivers License Forms

Below we provide you with information about all of the Texas drivers license forms which you will need, along with the ability to download the forms and start using them to get your permit or license.

Don’t waste time hunting down the various Texas drivers license forms that are required to begin the licensing process. We have compiled them together below for your convenience. Download these forms as PDF documents or in Word format – the choice is yours. Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate state form, you can file it with the State of Texas and get started!

Texas Residency Affidavit – You must be a resident in Texas and show proof to get your license. You can use your water bill, W-2 or report card, but download the form to find all acceptable residency documents. DL-5.pdf

DL Application – If you do not have the application filled out you will be rejected for your license request. We can help, just give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to assist you. DL-14A.pdf

Out Of State – Country Application – Not in Texas? Do not worry, you can still renew your license using this TX DPS form. DL-16.pdf

Out of State Packet – Before you complete form DL-16,make sure you read all of the rules and guidelines for renewing a license if you are out of Texas. DL-16p.pdf

Acceptable ID – Watch our video on acceptable DPS identification forms. It will show you all the forms. DL-17.pdf

Texas DL Renewal – Duplicate License – Lost your license, need a duplicate? Here is the Texas drivers license form you will need. DL-43.pdf

Documents Requirements Brochure – Easy to use guide that tells you everything that is needed for a Texas License. DL-57.pdf

How to Prepare for a Driving Test– Think you know what it takes to get behind the wheel. This checklist will help, or watch our rules of the road video. DL-60.pdf

Explanation for Eye Specialist – Have a medical issue which needs explaining. You will need this form if you have an eye issue to tell the DPS of. DL-63.pdf

Application for Change of Address Certificate – Moving, already moved? Better tell the TX DPS. You only have so many days to file so get started now. DL-64.pdf

Examination Request – Afraid someone should no longer be driving or may cause harm to themselves or others behind the wheel. Then complete this document and send it to the DPS for them to conduct an examination of that driver. DL-76.pdf

Minor’s Emergency Application for Driver License – If there is a hardship and a minor needs a license sooner than normally allowed you need to send in this form? DL-77.pdf

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction-Driver Education Affidavit For Class C Provisional Driver License – Ready to get your permit? If you are taking drivers ed with a parent you will need this packet first. If you have the packet and need to register for the course you can do with us. Our course is DPS approved! DL-90b.pdf

Request for Parent Taught Driver Education Packet – Ready to get your permit? If you are taking parent taught drvivers ed in Texas you will need this packet first. If you have the packet and need to register for the course you can do with us. Our course is DPS approved! DL-92.pdf

Physician’s Statement – Have a health condition that the TX DPS needs to be made aware of? Send them this form, remember it needs to be signed by your physician first. DL-101.pdf

Withdrawal/Restoration of Authorization for Minor’s License – Want to take away your teens license? To fully revoke the license you will need to get this signed by a law enforcement officer. DL-163.pdf

Remember, we have over a decade of helping drivers in Texas obtain licenses, permits and becoming all around better drivers. Our team is right here in Texas so we keep our ears to the ground and are aware of any changes that the DPS may be making that can affect you and your license. If you have a question, we have the answer, just give us a call to see what it is.

We have been helping train new drivers in Texas for over 10 years so we are well aware of the numerous Texas Drivers Licensing Forms which are required by the DPS. Better yet, we have the knowledge on what forms need to be completed and when in the process you will need the forms. If you are not sure what form you need, when you need it, or what to do with it we can help. Not all TX DPS forms are the same and some can be tricky to complete. Let us help!

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