According to a December 25 press release, Texas now leads the nation for yet another epidemic – drowsy driving. Though this issue may have just recently come to light, it has become such a problem throughout the U.S. that a prevention week has been assigned to the issue. Just this past month, residents have been inundated with warning signs that advertise the dangers of driving while tired during “National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week.”

This problem is highly prevalent throughout the State of Texas, for according to Medical News Today, 6.1 percent of people have driven while dangerously tired. Last year, there were 180 fatal accidents, and 2,080 accidents causing serious injury related to drowsy drivers. Apparently, this problem is more common than many people may think.

One Woman’s Mission to Raise Awareness

A San Antonio woman has become very passionate about spreading the word to residents across the State of Texas. In 2009, her and her husband were hit by a drowsy driver – her husband was killed in the accident, and she missed his funeral due to her lengthy hospital stay.

The National Sleep Foundation places a great deal of importance in recognizing the warning signs of fatigue, so drivers have the ability to risk tragic accidents such as this one. Additionally, the National Sleep Foundation wants to stress the importance of recognizing fatigue, so drivers can avoid putting themselves and others at risk of accidents similar to this.

Preventing Accidents

There are several alertness tricks that may or may not work, depending on the individual. Some of these tips include: playing loud music, blowing cold air or drinking caffeine, and other physical maneuvers to “pep” yourself up. Drivers who are beginning to feel tired are highly encouraged to pull over for a nap, avoid medications that may make them drowsy, and get enough sleep before making a long drive.

No situation is ever worth risking being involved in an accident, so Texas drivers should heed these tips! With the holiday season coming to a close, it is necessary to be more cautious while on the road.