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State approved Texas parent taught drivers ed course #107 for teens 14-17. Includes everything teen drivers need to get their permit and license.

Texas Drivers Ed Course

Parent Taught Drivers Ed Texas

Summer is almost here! Now is the time to enroll in your teen in the best Texas parent taught drivers ed course available online. Introducing our all new mobile ready self-paced interactive drivers ed course that includes:

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  • 32 Hours of Online Classroom Learning – $69.95
  • 44 Hours of In-Car Training with Parent – $49.95
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  • Free in-course DPS Test online – $29.95
  • 13 Month Access to Course – $70.00
  • Unlimited Access to all Paperwork – Free
  • Instant DE-964 Certificate Access – $15.00
  • Free bonus DPS road test video – $14.95
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Proven Results – Safer Drivers

Your teen deserves safe, quality and effective driver training. At Virtual Drive, we help parents help their teens become better drivers by reinforcing safe and effective driving skills.

Virtual Drive’s Texas parent taught driver education program is the preferred choice for families with teen(s) who need the flexibility to complete their drivers ed training at their own pace, as their time permits. Helping your teen to learn how to drive has never been easier, safer, or more rewarding with Virtual Drive by your side.

Texas parent taught drivers ed course.

How does Parent taught drivers ed work in Texas?

Teens between the ages of 14 and 17 years of age are eligible to enroll in parent taught driver education. Teen students must be at least 15 years of age in order to receive their Texas learners permit, so students enrolling at 14 years of age can only work on the online classroom part of the course.

Teen drivers complete classroom instruction online, through a computer, mobile device or laptop. The parent provides behind-the-wheel driving instruction, covering structured driving objectives to help their teen learn how to drive.

Step 1 - It all begins with enrollment

Start by enrolling in our Parent taught drivers education course for teens 14-17. Our course approval number is #107, approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

Step 2 - Request PTDE Packet from TDLR

Complete Form DL-92 electronically at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The state will add the student to the DPS database, and mail your PTDE packet.

Step 3 - Begin Course

After receiving your PTDE packet from the TDLR, complete the first six hours of the course. Take the DPS written test.

Step 4 - Apply for Learners Permit

Bring your certificate and all the forms from the checklist in your course to your local DPS office. Take the eye exam and receive your learners permit. Parents, be sure to bring a camera to capture the moment for your scrapbook!

Step 5 - Complete Course Requirements

Students will continue working on the online course and behind-the-wheel lessons at their own pace, until the course is completed. Students can expand their driving experience with a parent in the driver seat with trips to the store, local events and other driving activities.

Step 6 - Apply for Drivers License

After completing the Texas parent taught drivers ed course, having a learners permit for at least six months and are least sixteen years of age, take the DPS road test at your local DPS office and receive your provisional Texas drivers license. Congratulations, job well done!
How Texas parent taught drivers ed works

How Long is the Parent Taught Course?

Texas parent taught drivers ed includes 32 hours of online instruction and 44 hours of behind the wheel instruction. The State of Texas limits instruction to no more than two hours per day for the online instruction and one hour per day for behind the wheel training.

The Parent Taught course is self-paced and there are no set course schedules. In a traditional driving school, the schedule is strict and requires parents to drop off and pick up their student every day. This can be quite challenging in families where both parents work, or single parent families.

Most students complete the course in three to six months. It can be completed in as little as two months with persistent effort.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Parent Taught Program

At what age can my teen begin this drivers ed course?

Students must be at least 14 years of age to begin the Texas parent taught drivers ed course, however, a learners permit will not be issued until the student is at least 15 years of age. Teens under the age of 18 must complete an approved driver education course before receiving a Texas provisional drivers license.

What is DE-964?

DE-964 is the driver education certificate issued by the driving school after completing parent taught drivers ed in Texas. This certificate is very important. Be sure to make copies. A copy of the DE-964 must be presented to the DPS office when applying for a Texas provisional drivers license.

How many hours are required for parent taught driver education?

Teens 14-17 must complete 32 hours of online (or classroom) training and 44 hours of behind the wheel instruction.

How long does it take to complete the course?

It depends upon the schedule of both the teen and the parent instructor. Most of our students finish the Texas parent taught drivers ed course in approximately four months. Some finish the course in as little as two months and some go beyond six months.

It is a self-paced course and teen drivers can complete the online drivers ed training as their time permits. Many teens choose to complete an hour or two per day, while other teens have a very busy schedule with extra-curricular school activities and or work.

The parent instructor will provide the instruction on the behind-the-wheel lessons. The parent or guardian will have print outs to cover each driving objective. This too, is self-paced. There is no daily requirement.

Many parents choose to designate two or three evenings per week, after work and a Saturday or Sunday where they will spend an hour or two with their teen on the behind-the-wheel requirements. Determine what works best for your schedule and work with your teen driver a little a time.

How do we log our behind-the-wheel driving time?

The parent taught drivers ed packet you receive from TDLR will include a behind the wheel instruction log sheet. As driving objectives are completed, parents will sign off on each objective. This log sheet is important and must be submitted to the DPS office when apply for a provisional drivers license.

  • Parent Taught Drivers Ed Packet

    Parents are required by the state to complete form DL-92, request for Texas parent taught driver education packet (PTDE), and send completed form to Austin, Texas.

  • Parent Taught Drivers Ed Affidavit dl-90b

    Parent taught driver education affidavit (DL-90B) is included in the PTDE packet you receive from Austin, Texas. This form is signed by the parent attesting that they have provided the driver education instruction and requirements for their student.

  • Parent Taught Drivers Ed Texas Reviews

    Our students are passionate about our courses. Read Texas parent taught driver education reviews to see why our courses are so popular.

  • Parent Taught Drivers Ed Log Sheet

    The parent taught driver education log sheet is included with the PTDE packet and requires the parent instructor to sign off on each driving objective as it’s completed. This form will be required at your local DPS office when apply for a license.

  • Getting Your Texas Learners Permit

    After completing the first six hours of the parent taught course, teens who are at least 15 years of age can apply at their local DPS office for their Texas learners permit.

  • Parent Taught Drivers Ed Texas Free

    From time to time, we get asked if there is such a thing as Texas parent taught driver education free. Visit the article to learn more about this.

  • DE-964 Driver Education Completion Certificate

    Texas Driver Education certificate (DE-964) is a state-controlled certificate that you will received once you complete the course. This certificate certifies you completed a state approved course and must be presented to the DPS when apply for your Texas drivers license.

  • Texas Teen/Parent Driving Contract

    Set the expectations for your teen driver with the Texas Parent Teen Driving Contract. This printable form establishes the rules you expect your teen driver to adhere to.

  • Texas Driver Education Requirements

    Texas driver education requirements for the parent taught course are set by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. Most of these requirements are simple and straight forward, however parents should review them before enrolling in a parent taught course.

  • How does parent taught drivers education work?

    Parent taught drivers ed is a method that allows parent(s) to provide drivers ed training for their teen student. The way it works is, the student completes 32 hours of online classroom training. The parent or legal guardian, with the help of structured lesson printouts, provides in-car driving lessons.