Parent Taught Drivers Ed Teen Contract

Virtual Drive of Texas was founded by parents looking to give their children the highest quality online Texas Parent taught drivers ed course. As such we are well aware of the fear of letting your teen leave the drive way in the car without you in it the very first time. In order to help with this “letting go” process we created a free Texas Parent-Teen Driving Contract.

Our contract is created so that both the parent and the teen know what is expected of each other. We truly want to keep parents sane and teens safe so please download a copy today, sign it and refer to it often. Here are some topics which we cover in the teen driving contract:

  • Texting and Cell Phone Use
  • Seatbelts
  • Passengers and Friends in the Car
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Many More Topics

Please feel free to share this parent teen driving contract with anyone who you feel it will benefit. If you have used our contract or online drivers ed Texas program we welcome any and all feedback. You can leave us a note on our contact page or send an email to

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