When driving, are you ever afraid that you might get pulled over by a police officer? Maybe you’ve already experienced the fear and hassle of getting stopped by a cop and being issued a ticket? Either way, there are a range of reasons that will usually result in you being ordered to cease your vehicle. These common reasons are:


You are undoubtedly already aware of the dangers that arise due to speeding. Obviously, if you’re traveling too quickly (faster than the posted speed limit), then it will take you longer to react to sudden situations. As your speed continues to build, your braking distance will also increase, meaning it will take longer for you to properly and sufficiently stop your car. Though speeding is quite common, it still offers a wide range of consequences. Cops can easily detect if you’re speeding — don’t do it!

Using Cell Phones

This dangerous task is becoming more and more popular, as almost everyone has a cell phone. Talking on the phone or texting while driving can (and usually does) result in an accident taking place. However, cell phone usage isn’t the only issue to worry about — there are different types of distracted driving that can cause a wreck to occur. For example, eating, drinking, and messing with the radio while driving are all dangerous acts that can be followed by severe consequences. When you’re driving, your main focus should be on the road in front of you.


Following the vehicle in front of you too closely can prove to be hazardous. For example, you never know when he or she is going to slow down or slam on their brakes. Therefore, it’s important to leave plenty of room between their car and yours — avoid tailgating. Not to mention, tailgating is illegal and can result in your receiving a ticket or fine.

Seatbelt Violation

Though some believe seat belts to be uncomfortable or annoying, the device can and actually does save lives. Also, it’s illegal to not wear a seat belt. If a cop notices you’re not buckled into your seat, you can get pulled over and slapped with an expensive ticket. Buckling up only takes a few seconds — the task could even save your life.

Driving Too Slowly

Just as driving too fast can get you pulled over, driving too slowly can also result in you receiving a ticket. Believe it or not, driving too slowly can also cause an accident. Depending on where you’re traveling, police officers may also be suspicious if you’re traveling completely under the speed limit. Therefore, always be conscious of the speed limit and make sure you’re traveling at an appropriate speed.

Know the Law — Don’t Break It

Sure, there’s a long list of traffic laws, but being familiar with these laws is your responsibility. There are plenty of other reasons and violations that cause officers to pull drivers over; however, the list above is just a handful of the most common ones. When you’re behind the wheel, always be aware of your actions.