Did you know that some reliable research statistics indicate that there are actually some days in a year when more people die from motor crashes than others? Ironically, but not surprisingly, these most “deadly” days just so happen to fall on or around major holidays. So buckle your seatbelts, because here’s a list of days throughout the year where more accident related deaths are reported:

  1. New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Day: Who’s surprised? I’m certainly not! This is pretty much a no-brainer, because almost everybody drinks more than usual on this day; when there’s an excessive amount of drunk-people, the number of drunk drivers would increase, hence, boost up the accident rate and fatality rate on roads.
  2. Super Bowl Sunday: Pretty much the same reason as New Year’s Eve; more people get drunk, more people drink and drive, hence more accidents happen. Additionally, the home city of both the winning team and the losing team tend to have the highest accident rate, which is again, not very surprising.
  3. Daylight Saving Day: What!? What does this have to do with car accidents!? Well, believe it or not, according to a UBC study, people get an average of 40 minutes less sleep on the day before they turn their clocks forward for Daylight Savings time. That leads to Sunday drivers who are less alert and less focused and more prone to accidents.
  4. Tax Day: This may sound funny, but people do feel more stressed on 4/15 than any other typical day; according to research, this day, on average, has about 13 more accident-related deaths than that of any other non-holiday day.
  5. Labor Day: Many Americans see the Labor Day weekend as their final chance to have that summer barbecue or take that beach trip. Unfortunately, many people drink alcohol at those events and then try to drive home, which leads to an increase in traffic deaths of around 300% to 400% as compared to that of a regular day.

Now that you know which days are dangerous, please be extra-extra (yes, double extra!) careful if you happen to be driving on those days! Slow down, and do NOT attempt to DUI, or else you may be on your way to becoming one of the statistics. Stay safe!