I remember being in high school when the car spinners trend hit. I was walking back home and a pearl white Cadillac Escalade made a semi-complete stop. In that brief moment that the car hit the brakes, I was mesmerized by these twirling shiny silver spinning caps. I had never seen such a clean car accentuated by some very odd accessories.

Once I noticed the spinners, I started to see them everywhere. It didn’t matter if the car hailed from an expensive brand or was a barely glued together mass of metal – spinners were the ‘it’ thing. It became the car accessory to have in the early 2000s. Even if there were completely absurd.

I’ve scavenged the dark pits of the Internet and brought to the surface the Top 5 Oddest Car Accessories. So let’s begin.


#5 Jumbo Car Band-Aid Magnet

This accessory is a Band-Aid on steroids…for your car. This accessory is meant to go over scratches or dings on the body of your car. To be fair, it’s a great concept if you’re low on cash and can’t really fix that aesthetic bump, dint, dent, or scratch. But you’ve got to have a sense of humor to have one of these on your car!


#4 Car Lashes

You’ve heard correctly. Car Lashes. In the era of scripted ‘reality’ TV, this car accessory seems particularly befitting for the cars driven by the Real Housewives of Whatever Land. Their appeal lies in giving your car an anthropomorphic feel. They are placed on top of your car headlights and give other drivers something to talk about.


#3 Carstache

It only seems fitting to mention one of the latest anthropomorphic car accessories – the Carstache. Running with the idea that you may want to transform your car into a bit of an English gentleman (only missing the giant monocle of course), its oddity lies in the fact that it hardly looks like a mustache at all and that the red one looks a bit like Gossamer (spider silk for the uninitiated). The ‘stache is placed in front of the car grill and is meant to cover up your otherwise “naked” car.

#2 DIY Car Spoilers

After the release of the Fast and the Furious movies, DIY car spoilers seemed to catch on. Everyone began to buy them and attach them to their Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, or other low-priced econobox. Aerodynamic oddness at its best.


#1 12-Volt Portable Oven and Pizza Maker

It might be odd, but the makers of this gadget might be on to something good. This Portable Oven and Pizza Maker would definitely come in handy during a long road trip. Just make sure to hand-toss the dough at home.


People invent the darndest things. I’m sure there is a market for them but they give us drivers something to talk about – or at least for me, make me crave a pizza!