At any given moment, drivers can find themselves in a car emergency situation. By thinking ahead and attaining the right tools, you can be better prepared for a car emergency. This includes having essential tools inside of your car in case you need to act fast. With the proper tools, you can help yourself as well as fellow motorists who may be in danger. Here are the Top 5 Tools to Have in Your Car:


#5 Road Atlas

Nowadays everyone has GPS on their phones. However, what if you get lost and your cell phone loses reception or simply runs out of battery power? It is best to have a complete U.S. road atlas tucked under your seat for good measure.

#4 Car Battery Jumpers

It happens to all of us. You forget to turn off your headlights and drain your car battery. You try to turn on your car the next day, to no avail. Car battery jumpers will get you on your way to restarting your car.


#3 Car Jack

A flat tire is probably the most common car incident. A car jack along with tools to change a tire, is an invaluable asset to have in your car.


#2 Fire Extinguisher

If a car begins to catch on fire, you have just moments to act if you want to salvage your vehicle. A car fire extinguisher can come in handy. It can prevent a major accident or simply help another motorist in need. However, remember that your safety and that of your passengers is more important than your car!

#1 First Aid/Emergency Kit


All of these tools will better equip you to deal with a car emergency. Acting fast and remaining calm is important, but being able to properly address the emergency situation is equally important. These tools will help you be safe and prepared in the event of a car emergency.