Car accessories can either be useful or a complete waste of money. In my own experience, I can say that my sister’s car accessories tend up to be used once before being chucked to the trunk. They become an afterthought and act as a good reminder of why we should read product description and reviews! Granted, some of these car accessories are incredible cheap, so you have little to lose. But those that are not, are definitely worthy of little research before you decide to spend your hard-earned money. Here is the list of the Top 5 Useful Car Accessories.


#5 Car Phone Holder

In most states, texting and talking while driving are illegal. Using a phone while driving, causes thousands of accidents each year, owning a good car phone holder is important if you want to prevent accidents and obey the law.


#4 GPS Machine

While most phones are equipped with GPS, not everyone owns a smart phone. A good GPS machine makes driving to uncharted territory a breeze. If you don’t own a smartphone, then one of these helpful devices can help you get where you want to go.


#3 CG Lock

A CG Lock is a seatbelt operation system that helps your seat belt stay in place. It helps with back problem, such as those caused by poor posture while driving, by helping drivers position themselves properly in the seat.


#2 Wind and Rain Guards

If you happen to live where it rains often, then you must know how vital it is to have a secure window. Rain Guards allow you to have a dry car interior by acting as an extra barrier against the elements. They also serve as wind deflectors.


#1 Back-up Camera System

There are a number of current car models that come standard with back-up cameras. However, if that doesn’t apply to your car, you can add a back-up camera to your car, for greater safety when backing up.


Some of the products on this list are quite pricey, but don’t be deterred. They are definitely not the kinds of products that will end up not being used. They are very good at what they are designed to do, and serve their purpose well. Make sure you check them out.