Are you currently planning on traveling on Thanksgiving Day? If so, get ready — roads are known to be crowded and dangerous. Before you head out on your journey, take a look at these easy to follow tips. In doing so, you may find reaching your destination to be somewhat simplified.

Plan Ahead

Before you even begin your journey, make sure you thoroughly plan your trip. Of course, know the route to your destination and check traffic reports. You may even find it useful to have a backup route, which could ultimately allow you to dodge traffic jams or potential accidents.

Make a List

Before you start packing, make a list of items that you are going to need or want to take with you. Then, as you pack each of these items, you can cross them off your list. Making a list of your packed items will help ensure your sanity and only reinsure that you have everything you need.

Pack the Night Before

When traveling, you never want to be rushed. Therefore, try to make sure that your bag and essential traveling items are packed the night before. In doing so, you won’t feel as if you’re forgetting something for your tip. The more rushed you are, the more likely you are to speed. Speeding can lead to a list of consequences, including causing an accident.

Start Early

Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination — you may even wish to leave early. As stated, roads will be very busy and crowed on and around Thanksgiving. You may run into a traffic jam or come up to an accident that could possibly delay you. Therefore, plan for these unfortunate events, start early, and give yourself more time than needed to reach your destination.

Stay Safe

When traveling, remember to stay safe this holiday season!