We’re going to chat about what’s under the hood of your car. But first…Let’s flashback to 7th grade science.

It’s time for the dissection of frogs! Cutting into those little slimy creatures was NOT a favorite of mine. Although, it did get the right teachings across, they were still very cute before being dismembered by the whole class.

I know, you’re like, “what’s the point here?”

THE POINT IS: Although it wasn’t my favorite experience, I learned a lot about the anatomy of a once living creature.

So now, let’s relate this to something that all you drivers are searching for with us.
Under the Hood Checks.

Stay with me now. You’ll find learning about this helpful one day.
First, know that not all cars have these components in the same place. You can check the vehicle owners manual to find the exact location for better help. (Don’t be worried. I as well would need some help when it comes to what’s inside my car.) When looking under the hood of your car here’s the things you’ll find and what their function is.
What Will I Find?

Engine Coolant Reservoir – The coolant reserve system lets you see the coolant level. When the coolant level is between empty and full the engine should be cold. Yes, coolant is what keeps you cool.
Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir – To check this fluid level, just look at the float position. If it’s low, raise that little guy by filling it with washer fluid.
Engine Oil Filler Cap – Before staring the engine, check the engine oil level and take it in for a refill if needed. Your engine will thank you.
Automatic transmission fluid level dipstick – Check the transmission fluid when the car is heated to its normal driving temperature. The transmission life will be greatly reduced if this isn’t up to working standards.
Engine Oil Level Dipstick – To check oil, remove the dipstick, wipe it off, and gently insert it into the crankcase. Remove it again and check out the oil line. If it’s higher than the line on the dipstick then your hood may need some looking under.
Brake Fluid Reservoir – Brake fluid is specialized, so only use the right kind when replacing. Again, don’t worry, there are professionals to help. Make sure the cap is on tight so it doesn’t let anything in or out.
Battery – The heart of the car. Keep it looked at to make sure your car starts and works properly.
Power Steering Fluid Reservoir – This system keeps your car steering correctly. Check this fluid to know your car will steer you in the right, or left, direction.
Radiator Cap – The radiator usually stays full, so the only reason to remove the cap is for checking the coolant freeze point or replacing antifreeze coolant.
Air Cleaner Filter – This will become dirty and filtering will be reduced. Just replace it with a filter when maintenance is needed.

Your under the hood check is complete. Class is now out of session. You may now flashback to reality.