If you had unlimited funds, how would you choose to spend your money? Would you splurge on a new car? Lots of people are interested in various types of automobiles. These automobiles are often used for different purposes (i.e. racing, collecting, driving, etc.). Though you may be familiar with these normal types of cars, we’ve put together a list of vehicles that seem to be rather unusual — crazy, even! Take a look:

Blastolene Tank Car

Randy Grubb (a legendary builder), took an M47 Patton engine, twin-turbocharged it to 1,600 horsepower and 3,000 pound feet of torque and built a hot rod around it. Interestingly enough, the entire product weighs right around 9,500 pounds.

Pininfarina P4/5

Are you currently familiar with an “Enzo?” Well, James Glickenhaus has this vehicle and just wasn’t happy enough with it. Therefore, he insisted on Pininfarina to rebuild one into the lighter, faster retro-futuristic P4/5. As well, a sister car was built, but based on an F430 for road racing.

Colani Corvette Charisma

It was in 1989 that Luigi Colani took a functional Corvette and turned it into a Corvette Charisma. Surprisingly, this particular vehicle toured the US explaining Colani’s organic design style and was able to hit 230 miles an hour at Bonneville.

Phantom Corsair

Though this vehicle was meant to be a production vehicle, only one was built in 1938. Rust Heinz from the Heinz family was originally behind this project. This specific car was noted as looking like a death machine from the future.

What’s Your Dream Car?

Do you have a dream car? If you could have any car in the entire world, which car would it be? Perhaps you have an idea for a new type of car. If you could build a car with any type of feature, what would that car be?