When you’re behind the wheel, do you consistently obey the law? For your safety and the safety of others, there are hundreds of traffic signs to be familiar with and take into consideration. However, many of these signs are easy to disregard and often get ignored on a daily basis. Though the result can be a basic fender bender, a more tragic outcome can take place, like a fatality. Take a look at the various traffic signs that are not always followed and think twice before overlooking their warning.

The Dead End Sign

Though there is no ticket or fine issued for traveling down a dead end street, the task can still prove to be dangerous. Many motorists often venture down these types of streets looking for a place to turn around. However, you never know what could be waiting for you at the end of this street. The road could simply just end or be blocked, causing you to get stuck or wreck. There’s only one way in and one way out; therefore, choose wisely what roads you venture down.

Road Work Ahead

These types of traffic signs stand for a very important reason — to protect those who are working on the road. Depending on the area in which you abuse a traffic law, you could find yourself being charged double or triple the usual penalty. For example, a speeding ticket that normally runs $100, could end up costing you between $200 and $300. In fact, the Governor’s Highway Safety Association states that 33 states and the District of Columbia employ this method, doubling the fine for traffic violations in a work zone.

One Way

A “one-way” sign has a pretty clear and specific meaning. However, it’s been proven that more than 350 people are killed each year for disobeying this law or for colliding with other motorists who have ignored the warning. This sign, depicted with a pointing arrow, only allows you to drive in one direction. Though you can receive a hefty fine for disobeying this law, you could face even more damaging and life threatening consequences.

Obey the Law

Of course, these are just a few of the numerous traffic signs/laws that are regularly ignored. Others that are routinely disobeyed include the following: speeding warnings, stop signs, littering notices, and illegal U-Turns. Accidents do happen and are often times out of motorists’ control. However, by obeying the law, you are doing your part to actively decrease the chance of a wreck from taking place.