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Adult Drivers Ed

Virtual Drive provides more than the classroom portion of Texas Adult Drivers Education. We offer an In-Car Training Video with a retired Texas DPS officer to help you pass the in-car test at the DPS office. Its Easy!

Teen Drivers Ed

Virtual Drive based here in Texas and we are the leader in driver education. We set the standard as the first online course approved in Texas. And, you can finish at your own pace.  Now that's flexible!

In-Car Lessons

Virtual Drive is authorized by Texas to offer the actual DPS Learner Permit Test online. Simply pass our test at the end of Module 1 and the only test you take at DPS is your vision test! Now that's convenient!

“Thanks Virtual Drive!”

"Virtual Drive was fast, fun, and easy to use. I didn't think driver's education could be so convenient. Being able to start and stop whenever I needed to was a big plus. I would recommend this to anyone trying to complete driver's education!"


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What Sets Us Apart In Drivers Ed

We are and always have been a Texas based company. We believe in family values and that is why you will find our entire family working to make Texas roads safer through high quality, unmatched driver’s education training programs.

  • ​Virtual Drive was the first online course approved in Texas!
  • Virtual Drive is the leader in Driver Education!
  • Virtual Drive continues to set the standard!

How Our Students Compare

Student's Who Pass The Exam on the 1st Try
Student's Involved Not involved in an Accident
Student's Not Ticketed for Driving Under the Influence
Students not ticketed for speeding

Learn From the Best Drivers Ed Course In Texas


Virtual Drive is proud to be the first driver education company to be approved in Texas.  We offer discounts for second students and financial aid on our Teen Texas Drivers Ed Courses

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Mobile Friendly Drivers Ed

Experience the freedom of learning on any device, anywhere, at any time!
Virtual Drive keeps track of your progress even when you switch devices so that you can get your hours in quickly and when you are ready to learn.

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Adult and Teed drivers ed

Here at Virtual Drive our motto is “Every Student Matters!”  We believe that driver’s ed is the most important course a student can take. If you fail math, well, you shouldn’t major in math or try to become a math teacher. Of course, school is important and we encourage you to pass every subject.  But, if you fail Texas drivers ed you run the risk of fatally hurting yourself or someone else. Yes, it’s that important! it is our goal to help you be a star student. You won’t find trick questions in our course! We want you to win at driver’s ed! We are so confident that you will pass the DPS written test on the first try that we will give you your money back if you do not! We care! Now that’s a promise you can take to the bank!  That is why our Texas drivers ed courses are designed to help you learn and retain this important knowledge so that you are safe on the road.

Need More Information: Click Here to Go to the Official Texas DPS website to learn more about the requirements in Texas.