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Texas Driver Education

Online Driving Courses For Teens & Adults

Texas Adult Drivers Ed

Get your Texas drivers license fast with our six hour TDLR approved Texas driver education online course for Adults including DPS written test. Immediate enrollment, get started today! TDLR approved. DPS test online, in course.

Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed

Includes online classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel drivers training with parent or legal guardian. Flexible parent-taught course that allows teens and parents to complete on their schedule. Approved by TDLR.

Texas Drivers Ed In-Car Lessons

In-Car Texas drivers education course includes 44 hours of behind the wheel drivers training. Teens transferring from instructor led to parent taught will use this course to complete requirements. TDLR approved from parent-taught course.

Texas Parent Taught Driver Education Course

Virtual Drive is a state approved Texas driver education provider for adults and teens. We were the first company to be approved in the state of Texas. Course #107 is our flagship Parent Taught Texas drivers ed online course for teenagers under the age of 18. This two part course includes 32 hours of interactive online training and 44 hours of in-car training with a parent instructor.

In the State of Texas, drivers under the age of 18 must complete a formal Texas driver education online course. Texas driving schools are one option, though they can be quite expensive and require adherence to strict time tables that often interfere with the schedules of both the teen and the parent. Many parents and teens prefer this method because the course is self-paced and can be completed as their schedule allows. The cost savings of PTDE are substantial, which is a major influence for working class families.

Virtual Drive is registered and approved as course #107 for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17. This Texas drivers education course includes everything your teen needs to get their learners permit and drivers license. It is a cost-effective solution to the skyrocketing costs of traditional Texas driving schools.

Texas Adult Driver Education Course

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) requires first time Adult drivers 18-24 complete a 6 hour Texas adult drivers education online course for adults. Our six hour course is registered and approved by TDLR as course #C2636 for adults between the ages of 18 and 24. First time Adult drivers over the age of 25 can also take this course as well. The course includes everything you need to get your learners permit and/or drivers license. Most students complete the course in a day, however, you can log into and out of the course as your schedule permits.

Texas In-Car Drivers Education Course

Students who enroll in a classroom Texas driver education course, such as those offered at public schools or traditional driving schools, can transfer to our In-car course for teens. Students must complete the full 32 hours of online or classroom training first, then they can transfer to the in-car training.

The Texas driver education In-car program is registered and approved by TDLR as course #107 for teens between the ages of 14 and 17. This is a very cost-effective alternative to the rising costs of traditional driving schools. Transferring from classroom or another online course to our in-car course is easy. Simply retain a copy of your course completion for the online or classroom training, enroll in our state approved in-car Texas drivers education course for teens, and begin the behind-the-wheel lessons with the designated parent instructor.

Texas Driver Education with Virtual Drive

At Virtual Drive of Texas, our motto is “Every Student Matters!” We live in Texas and our entire family works together to make Texas roads safer through high quality Texas driver education online courses for teens and adults.

It’s the most important course your student will take and sets the foundation for a lifetime of safe driving. Your student’s success is our first and foremost priority.

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